Way to go GBT!!!

Some quick successes to date:

  • We are happy to announce that we are in fact on-line, thanks to the volunteer efforts of Mike Lauder and Lee Symmes.
  • At the Huronia Tourism Summit on February 20, 2014, at which the local Tourism Action Plan was unveiled, we were delighted to see that “a fully connected regional multi-use trail systems with loops” (exactly GBT’s vision), is considered one of the top Future Tourism Opportunities for Huronia.
  • And, last but not least, the GBT committee has raised the first $600 towards trail development.


And lastly, save the date! June 21, 2014 has been set as the date to celebrate:

– opening of the all season multi-use Georgian Bay SnowRiders Trail

– opening of the Pilgrim’s Routes to the Martyrs Shrine

– opening of the Champlain Commemoriation Trail.